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 Nature’s most powerful 
bacteria & parasite treatment

what is

In 2002 the Denis Brinicombe Group embarked on a mission to realise the benefits that micronutrition could have on animal health to help reduce the use of chemicals and antibiotics in the environment. 

Through continued research and development, the true potential of the diallyl polysulphide family has been 
established and today is incorporated into our 
patented PST22 technology. 

Polysulfides are extremely powerful, but only if they can be isolated, captured, stabilised and produced consistently with every batch. PST-22 is a naturally derived product with patented production technology that is brand new to the animal 
health/feed industry.


Aqua Ectogon 01-04.png
Aqua Ectogon 01-03.png

Long term benefits of continued use throughout the life 
of aquatic animal of Aqua Ectogon-284

• Disrupt parasite life cycle

• Stops spreading infectious disease through skin lesion

• Decrease of mortality, increase yield

Aqua Ectogon-284 has been scientifically formulated
to target bacteria. Available in both liquid & powder form. 



parasite treatment


PST-22 is nature’s strongest natural antibiotic that stops the spread of infectious disease through skin lesion

Powerful repellent works through the dermis & epidermis​ to stimulate an adverse reaction of the sensory receptor of the parasite.  

Aqua Ectogon_Envitgro_ENG-07.png
Aqua Ectogon_Envitgro_ENG-07.png
Aqua Ectogon_Envitgro_ENG-07.png
1Aqua Ectogon_Envitgro_ENG-07.png
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