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what's make our boluses unique

The Science Behind Our Product​

Why EnduraBol®?


The boluses are formed in a single construction with single point erosion, meaning they break down to provide a consistent 120 – 240 day supply of six trace elements and three vitamins.

EnduraBol® is suitable for all cattle over 150kg live weight.

How the Bolus Works

Once each bolus reaches a cow’s reticulum, the top of the resin coating begins to chip away exposing the consistent surface area. Here, the trace elements and vitamins are held in a matrix structure that allows them to be released slowly and consistently. When the resin coating reaches the bottom of the bolus, it exposes the iron weight, which is then dissolved, leaving no residue or waste.

How an EnduraBol bolus is constructed?

How to administer

General Guidance

  • Administer to adult cattle weighing over 150kg live weight ONLY.

  • Two EnduraBol™ Cattle boluses should be given to each animal.

  • Before bolusing, the animal should be securely restrained.


Application Instructions

Load Applicator

  • Insert the flat end of the boluses into the chamber first.

  • Ensure both the boluses are securely held in the chamber of the applicator.


Inserting the applicator

  • Place the bolus end of the applicator into the centre of the cow’s mouth, to the back of the tongue.

  • Ensure the cow’s head and neck are extended in a straight line.



  • Severe pressure on the tongue.

  • Using force damaging teeth or any soft tissue.


Bolus Release

  • Gently squeeze the trigger, releasing the boluses over the back of the tongue.

  • Once the boluses have been ejected, further progress will depend on the swallowing reflex of the animal, the animal should easily be able to swallow the boluses.

  • Avoid using force which can cause damage to soft tissue.

  • Carefully remove the applicator, maintaining its central position in the mouth.

Contra-indications & Warnings

  • Only administer after seeking advice from your veterinarian or nutritional consultant regarding the trace elements status of your herd.

  • There is no need to administer additional copper, cobalt or selenium during the active life of EnduraBol® Cattle (240 days).

  • DO NOT administer to animals weighing less that 150kg.

  • No meat and milk withdrawal period.

  • Do not drop onto hard surfaces.

  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • Do not administer to cattle with non-functional rumens, e.g. calves.

  • If applicable, simultaneous supplementation of additives with maximum content from other sources to those incorporated in a bolus should be avoided.

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