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Aqua Ectogon-284
Bacteria treatment

Aqua Ectogon-284 has been scientifically formulated
to target bacteria. Available in both liquid & powder form. 


PST-22 is nature’s strongest natural antibiotic that stops the spread of infectious disease through skin lesion

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A 100% natural feed premix to help reduce 
the use of antibiotics, pesticides & chemicals

Contains PST-22 Polysulphide Technology®


Non species-specific protection. Suitable 
for all freshwater & marine aquaculture species


100% no withdrawal period or treatment resistant

Ectogon-284 has shown to drastically decrease 
mortality & to improve the feed conversion ratio & increase daily weight gain


  • Garlic Liquid, Seaweed Meal, Zinc & Methionine.

  • For each kg of mash/pellet feed, mix the recommended dosage of Ectogon-284 Powder/Liquid with 20ml oil.

  • Let it dry for at least 20minutes. 


  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and high temperature.  

Store in cool dark environment. 
Reseal bag/bottle after using.

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