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Gold standard bolus technology

Our Expertise

As the developer and manufacturer of the original cattle bolus, we have proudly remained the market leader for 30 years, producing almost 35 million cattle boluses globally. Our advanced bolus technology, gives long term sustained release of 6 trace elements and 3 vitamins.

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Providing up to 4 months / 120 days supplementation of 6 vital trance elements & 3 vitamins

BriniBol Vital Biotin-8.jpg

As well as the targeted 20mg per day of Biotin

BriniBol Vital Pre-Calver-8.jpg

Ideal for the pre & post-calving cow or heifer

BriniBol Vital Organic-8.jpg

Providing up to 6 months / 180 days supplementation

of 6 vital trace elements

How an BriniBol bolus is constructed?

How to administer

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Why Choose Rumbol Endurabol or brinibol  Boluses?

All our boluses contain 6 trace elements and 3 vitamins which help cater to the dietary requirements of cattle. These key trace elements and vitamins are often not adequately supplied by grass and forage alone.

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Improve Cattle Health

Avoiding nutritional deficiencies is key to promoting cattle health.

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Peace Of Mind

Knowing all your cattle are protected each day of the boluses active life

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Optimise Growth Rate

Young cattle need correct trace element and vitamin supplementation for optimal growth

Simple And Easy To Use

With a 6-8 month active life EnduraBol boluses easily fit into any production system

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Maximise Fertility

Calving is a metabolically stressful process and correct nutrition plays a key role to reducing this stress. This eases the calving process. Conception rates can also be reduced by an imbalance in nutrition.

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No Waste

The bolus completely erodes leaving no residue in the reticulum.

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