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A targeted all-natural approach to increase the outdoor or indoor experience for cattle & poultry through feed-through technology

Ectogon 284® Nutricine is ingested by an animal as part of its normal feeding regime by lick or liquid in feed or in the poultry water line.

As part of the digestion process, the active ingredients contained within the nutricine are absorbed through the gut wall and into the vascular system.

The synergy of PST22® with nutricine components allows the delivery of Specific Volatile Organic Compounds and Specific Oil Compounds to the dermis and epidermis. 

Research has shown these compounds stimulate an adverse reaction in the sensory receptors of an outdoor or indoor irritant resulting in a powerful halo of outdoor comfort around the animal, all day, every day. 

In Poultry, irritants can decrease egg production by 15%

reduce egg weight by 2.2% & decrease egg quality.

in addition, decreases food efficiency by 5.7%, decreases live weight, and causes stress, aggression & death in hens. 

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