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Reduces pre lambing issues and produces thriving lambs


Encourages colostrum quality and quantity

Improves lamb growth and development

Supports lamb vigour

Providing the essential micro nutrients for the lamb to get up and go

Mucosal cell production

Producing mucous for wetter and easier lambings


Weight:                14kg

Feeding rate:      1 tub per 25 ewes for 4 weeks

                             (approx. 20g per head/day)

Suitability:           Any pre and post lambing ewes


• Improve muscle integrity to enhance unassisted lambing

• Feed 8 weeks prior and 2 weeks after lambing

• Contains Selenium and Vitamin E to help break down brown fat for energy to assist the newborn lambs in the first 6 hours after birth

The Role of Minerals In Preventing and Treating Sheep Illnesses

Boosting lamb survival by supplementing ewes with vitamins and minerals

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