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Increases Outdoor Comfort

100% natural actives

Reduce chemical use

Contains Ectogon-284®
Supporting performance & profitability

Supporting performance & profitability
Providing essential nutrients to support health & production

Weight:               25kg
Feeding rate:     1 tub per 10 cows for 4 weeks

                            (approx. 85g per head/day)
Suitability:          Cattle


• Help maintain live weight gain, incorporate into existing feed program

• No handling or use of chemicals, eliminate labor cost with easy to use tub

• Does not require mustering and yarding of animal

• No infrastructure such as back rubs to install

• No chemical resistant possible with Ectogon’s 3 prong action

• No withholding period if the animal is sold for slaughter

• Does not impact dung beetle population

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