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Brinicombe meets market demand with new bolus ranges

PRESS RELEASE: 29 July 2020

Leading animal nutrition provider, the Denis Brinicombe Group, has embarked on a global

joint venture with expert bolus manufacturer, Rumbol Products, to re-introduce the gold

standard in cattle bolus technology that has been absent from the market for over six

months, due to a devastating factory fire that ceased production.

Keith Greig, Brinicombe’s managing director, explains that the partnership is combining their

resources to advance the bolus market at a rapid pace with an exciting R&D pipeline. “With

us as the commercial partners providing technical expertise, and Rumbol as the bolus

manufacturing experts, we’re jointly well placed to drive innovation in this sector,” he says.

The first stage of this journey lies in the launch of two new brands, both of which are

underpinned with the unique cattle bolus technology in the UK and Ireland this September,

with international distribution to follow.

“The premium range of Brinibol boluses will be available to purchase directly on-farm

through the Brinicombe Agri sales team, while the Group’s trade arm, B2B Nutrition, will

supply the alternative proven EnduraBol products to the agricultural merchant trade and vet

practices,” he says.

“Although these brands are both new, they have an established marketplace pedigree with

years of scientific research and trial data behind them. So, we’ve been able to tailor them

carefully to the needs of either growing and finishing stock or breeding cows, depending on

which product you choose.”

Glen Dove, Rumbol Products general manager, explains that the technology in the new

boluses delivers a sustained, reliable supply of micronutrients throughout an extensive 240-

day supply window, to provide precision nutrition in conjunction with the animal’s needs.

“Unlike many other boluses which only provide three or four elements, the Rumbol

technology allows the new products to deliver six trace elements as well as three vitamins,”

he says.

“All this is encased within a resin coating which means a single point of erosion, preventing

inconsistent breakdown and therefore regulating the release of daily micronutrients. While

the addition of an inert weight ensures the bolus remains in the reticulum, before dissolving

naturally at the end of the product’s lifespan leaving no residue.”

The new bolus ranges will be available to purchase this November in Australia from our

exclusive distributor Tallahesse Pty Ltd - for further information about the new Brinibol and

EnduraBol bolus ranges, please visit the Rumbol website at or contact Tallahesse.

Stocks arriving soon pre-order now!


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